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Kristen, level 23. Video games and other stuff here. Bioware, Elder Scrolls, sometimes Pokemon, and more. I also rarely tag anything bc I'm super lazy.

If you're on Flight Rising we can be friends \o/


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Found a really old copy of The Lost World at a used bookstore and now I am happy forever

hey everybody

do you love watching someone rage at the flying machine in ac:b?

well now’s your chance

Going to get the stream set up in a few minutes.

People who don’t like leftover pizza are no friend of mine


Pray, child, pray

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This weekend was fun and all, but alskgahwlk why

And I can’t stop thinking about Wednesday

I’ve been on an AC:Brotherhood kick recently

anyone want to watch a stream? 


” Why are you obsessed with video games? They don’t have any deep plot, meaning, or interesting characters. Books do.”


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